Fly GPS With Joystick For Pokemon Go

We all have those games and applications that we love, but can’t get hold off because of our location. GPS is a tool that works by decoding signals that are sent via satellites that circle the orbit twice a day. Global positioning service receivers calculate your location by checking the amount of time that it takes to receive a transmitted signal from all satellites that orbit the earth. With the evolution of new and awesome games and applications which require GPS activation, excellent apps have been developed apps that work by masking your location and giving false information to your device apps so that you can get to enjoy these games and applications.

Fly GPS With Joystick For Pokemon Go

Difference between Fly GPS and Fake GPS (Comparison)

Fake GPS For Pokemon Go

This app works by masking your location with another false location which in turn makes all other apps believe you are in that location.


  • If you wish to use fake GPS joystick for Pokémon GO, you will have to deep back to your pocket and pay 3.99 dollars so that you can get to use it.
  • Your tablet or phone must be using android 4.0.3 and above.
  • It doesn’t require you to root your device for you to access this app.
  • It’s worthy to note that after uninstalling fake GPS, you may find your location masked by your earlier location when you had installed it.

Fly GPS For Pokemon Go

This app works similar to fake GPS, but the good thing it’s free, and it can trick the device apps that you are in motion.


  • Your device should be using android marshmallow; that is android 6.0 and above, while for Android versions of 4.4 and 5, rooting will be required so that you can install this application.
  •  It also lets you choose the location of choice.

What is Fly GPS

Fly GPS joystick is a tool mask your location, which makes other applications and games think you are somewhere where you are not. Furthermore, this application is endeared to by users because it makes other applications and games that you are in motion this is wonderful especially for Pokémon GO lovers.

Features of Fly GPS

Fly GPS is a revolutionary app that has made our beloved apps go global without limitations created by GPS locations one of fly GPS innovative features that make it stand out from the population of other GPS apps is the fact that you have the option of changing your location to any preferred destination by simply selecting a location or inputting coordinates for any location of choice.

It has an adjustable virtual joystick which helps your phone show that you are moving either by walking or car speed. Furthermore, the virtual joystick can be positioned by dragging around; this feature is a great plus especially when it comes to playing Pokémon GO.

It also has an option where you can input locations as favorite and come back later and also allowing you to search any recent history of your locations.

The Advantage to Use Fly GPS

Unlike other apps, fly GPS  is a free tool that lets you mask your location and let you experience all apps and games that require your location. Furthermore, one of its greatest advantages is the fact that it lacks bugs and so it will be a smooth app that won’t keep crashing. Furthermore, this app comes with an on-screen virtual joystick which helps users who love Pokémon GO by making navigation to any location of choice easier.

The Disadvantage to Using Fly GPS

As much as the app has some great advantages, it also comes up short among what users need and what they get. One of the greatest disadvantages is that it is recommended for android marshmallow and users who have android 4.4 KitKat and above will have to root their devices if they want to install this app. Users have also complained that after using it for a substantial period, its location starts jumping from one location to another without necessarily settling at one location

What is Fly GPS Joystick

This is a feature that comes with fly GPS that allows you to navigate through locations easily. It resembles the physical joystick, but in this case, it is a virtual application. It works when you launch Pokémon GO and enable joystick mode on your device. After enabling, a circular transparent joystick should appear along with a palm that has a cog wheel, which seems like a settings icon. Tap the cog wheel to activate Pokémon GO; now you can enjoy the game. Note that you can enable or disable the joystick using the palm button.

Fly GPS for iOS

Step 1 open app store on your IOS device.
Step 2 in the search address bar type fly GPS and press enter. (Make sure there is active internet).
Step 3 click the ‘get’ icon, if prompted for verification, please enter your Apple ID and password.
Step 4 wait for a few moments as the app is installing.
Step 5 after installation launch the app.

Fly GPS for Android

Step 1 before downloading go to settings and enable installation of apps from unknown sources.
Step 2 Google ‘download fly GPS’ from your browser of choice and install it.
Step 3 upon downloading; install the app like any other app.
Step 4 select mock locations from the developer’s option.
Step 5 customize setting to your preferred choice and enjoy Pokémon go.

How to Use Fly GPS Joystick for Pokémon go

Step 1 upon installation of fly GPS, you can now launch the app.
Step 2 a window will appear showing your location, and you should tap on the GPS icon.
Step 3 after tapping that icon a window will pop up, and you can select a fixed location, joystick location mode or joystick location mode (Pokémon).
Step 4 for this review tap fixed location. After tapping that an icon will appear on which you will click joystick location mode.
Step 5 if you chose joystick mode Pokémon you can go back to the game and enjoy it.

About Pokémon Go

I know most people who are away from the land of the free don’t have a clue what Pokémon go is, well don’t worry it’s not a name of an exotic island. Pokémon GO is a game which was devised for mobile users only, and it involves real-life situations, hence delivering a real-life Pokémon go experience. This game allows users to capture Pokémon’s using technology such as Google maps. Upon development of this game by Niantic labs it has managed to have a cult following even with users whose game is not supported in their locations. Pokémon GO requires Android devices to be at least 4.4 to 6.0 1 and with a preferred resolution of 720×1280, while IOS devices should be iPhone 5+ and above and devices which have been jailbroken are not supported.

How to install fly GPS ( Fake GPS )

Users who wish to use this app will need to enable their Android devices to allow installation of apps from unknown devices.

Step 1 go to settings on your android device.
Step 2 locate security option and tap it
Step 3 scroll available options and tap on unknown sources and check the dialog box
Step 4 After enabling this feature then download fly GPS from the internet, you can go to Google Chrome and search fly GPS apk, a lot of websites will pop up, and you can select any that will let you download the apk file.
Step 5 you can now install this app by locating your downloaded files and searching it, then you tap it.
Step 6 after installation locate developer’s mode and enable it.
Step 7 after enabling developer mode, you will need to enable mock locations which can be found under debugging section. Then upon tapping it, a window will pop up, and you will select fly GPS


Q. Where can I find mock developer options?
It is simple just tap on your settings icon and locate about, once there tap the option indicated software information and more. Navigate to the option indicated build number, click on it 7 to 8 times to activate the developer’s options. After doing all these, you can go back to settings home screen, and now you should be seeing developer’s options, lastly enable mock locations by clicking it. Please note that not all devices can be accessed this way and it’s prudent to search for how to activate the developer’s option for your specific phone.

Q. How do I stop my device from teleporting back and forth to my location?

This is called rubberbanding, and there are several ways to overcome this challenge, but the one that works best is clearing Google to play store cache and try uninstalling any updates, if this doesn’t work you could try the new option, that is GPS jump fix option which is visible at home screen. If all these options fail to work, try tweaking the process interval which is located in settings option.

Q. Can I hake pokemon go game using lucky patcher?

No, Lucky Patcher apk can’t modification any online game.


Fly GPS joystick is a beautiful app that gives you the feel of accessing applications that without the help of a GPS masker you couldn’t access it. Its enormous features lets you enjoy games such as Pokémon GO which introduces real-life situations to your device, and apart from regular problems, this app is one of a kind. So if you were looking to play Pokémon GO try this app, it wouldn’t disappoint.

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