Gbwhatsapp APK Download 2018 ( Update Version )

Whatsapp is a revolutionary global app that incorporates both messaging and call platform around the globe. It stores its information in the cloud and accessing it can be tough especially after they introduced an end to end encryption which meant that no one could access it other than the both of you. GbWhatsApp is an app that works like the regular Whatsapp, but it has excellent features which can’t be matched by the normal WhatsApp. One of its iconic feature that endears to its users is the fact that it has the option to use multiple WhatsApp accounts without using different devices for every WhatsApp account you have. Additionally, it can hide last seen and not only that, users can disable call option for every contact or better still disable connections for one contact.

What is GBWhatsApp Messenger APK

GbWhatsApp is one of the best apps, and it is a modification of the standard WhatsApp plus, but this version incorporates what the original version of WhatsApp can do with other added features. This application can run two accounts simultaneously if you happen to install the latest version (pretty cool). Not only that, this app can alter your privacy without affecting you in return. A good example is that unlike the official WhatsApp this app lets you hide your status without necessary preventing you from seeing your WhatsApp contacts’ statuses.


Different about GB WhatsApp vs. WhatsApp

Gb WhatsApp Messenger has enormous features when compared to the regular WhatsApp for example; you can copy your friends’ status. Also, you can change the theme of your WhatsApp and many more other features. The regular WhatsApp is developed by the trusted company while that of WhatsApp GB  it is developed by other developers, and has to be installed as a mod application because Google play store does not support it. Gb WhatsApp APK allows you to customize your app to your preferred style, unlike the regular WhatsApp which lets you experience lesser features.

Benefits of GBWhatsapp 2018

Gb WhatsApp has enormous benefits when compared to the normal WhatsApp, its advantages over regular WhatsApp include

  • It allows 235 characters on its status, unlike the regular WhatsApp.
  • The latest version has introduced a self-flash for those users who are photogenic.
  • It comes with the ability to disable both voice calls and video calls, while still online.
  • It also allows sending videos which are up to a 100mbs unlike the official WhatsApp limit of 15mb.
  • It also allows sending 90 images at once, unlike normal WhatsApp which only allows 10 at a go.
  • It allows media are previewing before loading; this helps you choose whether to download the video.
  • Above all, it comes with the ability to customize ticks, either remove the blue tick option or one tick from any WhatsApp friend of choice or all friends.

Features of GBWhatsApp Messenger

  • This app allows users to use multiple accounts on one WhatsApp application such that you can have two registered accounts and all are using one application to chat, without mixing contacts.
  • Users can also customize both their voice and video call option, whereby they can choose to disable it while online, hence, no friend can get access to them until they feel the need to do so
  • They can also disable specific features such as both ticks which indicate the message was delivered and also either removes one tick or the blue color.
  • It also allows users to preview any media sent to them without necessarily downloading it. This feature is pretty cool since you can know what you were downloading and at the same time saving you your network charges.
  • Users can hide status while at the same time view other friends’ status unlike in normal WhatsApp which lets you view status from your friends only when yours can be viewed.
  • It also allows users to send 90 images at once, unlike normal WhatsApp app which only allows a maximum of 10 images.
  • Its privacy is top notch because it allows you to lock specific chats unlike other soft wares such as antivirus apps that lock an entire app.
  • It also allows loading and sharing of large video files of up to 100mega bytes among friends.
  • Users have the ability to name their groups with preferred names so long as they don’t exceed 35 characters.
  • Users can also hide chats, save status and stories from other friends on their list without necessarily downloading third-party apps
  • It also allows users to enjoy chatting by using new emojis which are of quality graphic designs.
  • This app also allows users to copy other people’s status and also hide their activity which is impossible on normal WhatsApp.
  • Users can broadcast messages to over 600 people; unlike the official WhatsApp which only allows people who have your contact (excellent right!)
  • Unlike regular WhatsApp, developers of this app included the use of over 100+ languages which will enable users to choose their preference, unlike the regular WhatsApp.
  • Gb WhatsApp allows users to create and change themes to the ones they prefer, furthermore unlike regular users it will enable messages to pop up for up to 24 hours even when the screen is locked.
  • Gb WhatsApp app is free, and it doesn’t manipulate users by intimidating them of being banned if they are flagged for anything wrong.
  • It also lets users get involved in developing the app by letting them create their theme and sending it to them. Furthermore, users can change application and notification icon, merely giving you the comfort of privacy by allowing you to mask off any notification.

The Disadvantage of GBWhatsApp

As much as GB WhatsApp seems the next generation technology, it has some disadvantages. One great example is that to get access to GB WhatsApp every device should be connected to the good internet, messages received are free, and they are not received in the phone’s inbox. It is only possible for users to access messages and calls from devices which just have GB WhatsApp and not the regular WhatsApp. Furthermore, some users have reported their accounts being hacked, and most of their private contents infringed on.

How to download GBWhatsApp

  • Step 1 before downloading make sure your device allows installation of any app from untrusted sources, afterward go to Google Chrome and enter search
  • Step 2 enter download GB WhatsApp Messenger apk and tap enter
  • Step 3 navigate to any zippyshare or any website of choice
  • Step 4 for this case let’s use zippyshare, once you have tapped and it has opened this website, tap the window that asks you to download, normally orange in color.
  • Steps 4 after downloading install the application just like any other app.

GBWhatsapp Direct Download Link

Apps Name – GBWhatsapp

Update Date – 20/3/2018

App Rating – 4.6/5

File Size – 3.5MB

Version – 6.25

How to install GB WhatsApp Messenger APK on android

  • Step 1 after downloading the app make sure your device has enabled installation of the app from unknown sources. If not head to settings and tap on security option, once there tap allow installation from unknown sources
  • Steps 2 install the app like any other.
  • Step 3 before installing; make sure that the number you wish to register with is the one that you are using to connect it to the internet. After installation launches the app and accepts and agree on terms and condition.
  • Step 4 fill in the location and your number, then wait as it sends you a verification code in your line.
  • Step 5 after filling in your country’s details and registering your number, you can now write your preferred name and upload your image of choice
  • Step 6 enjoy GB WhatsApp

How to install GB WhatsApp on the laptop

First, it should be understood that this app is meant for Android and so it will need third party software for it to function. For this article, let’s use bluestacks

  • Step 1 open your browser of choice and navigate to the address field
  • Step 2 enter the official bluestacks website, http//
  • Step 3 once the website opens locate the option which asks you to download.
  • Step 4 once you tap a window will ask you whether to save the file and then click yes
  • Step 5 locate where the file has been saved, double-click it to extract the file.
  • Step 6 once extracted, blustack’s installer will run
  • Step 7 choose where blustacks will save its data location
  • Steps 8 download GB WhatsApp
  • Step 9 using bluestacks navigate to the option of installing apk
  • Step 10 locate where you downloaded GB WhatsApp and select open
    Step 11 once installed agree to terms and conditions then register your preferred network number

How to install whatsapp gb on iPhone

  • Steps 1 go to google address field
  • Step 2 enter GB WhatsApp and enter search
  • Step 3 once it opens locate GB WhatsApp app download from the link.
  • Step 4 tap on that website, and once it opens tap on the icon that is indicated download GB WhatsApp
  • Step 5 as it is downloading search GB WhatsApp iPhone theme.
  • Step 6 once it has opened tap locate WhatsApp iPhone THEME based on gbwhatsapp 2.70
  • Step 7 tap on the link that mirror is indicated above it and download the theme
  • Step 8 launch your GB WhatsApp and tap the three bullets at the top right corner
  • Step 9 head to GB WhatsApp setting and tap more where you will choose to load the theme you downloaded
  • Step 10 it will restart, and you can now enjoy GB WhatsApp

How to Use GBwhatsapp

Using GB WhatsApp is easy so long you install it as recommended. For users who love chatting more than calling now have an app that lets them customize this option if they wish to disable WhatsApp calls with GB WhatsApp (for all contacts). Once installed, GB WhatsApp gives you the option to disable voice calls of either an individual friend or all friends while at the same time chatting. To disable WhatsApp calls for all contacts, click on the three bullets at the top right corner, tap on to GB WhatsApp settings then tap 6 MODS then tap disable voice calls.

If you are interested in hiding your WhatsApp status, click on menu, then navigate to privacy and lastly select hide online status, remember disabling this option doesn’t affect your ability to see your WhatsApp contacts’ status. For users who are more interested in hiding the blue ticks, they will have to click on the menu button and then navigate to privacy and select blue ticks. If it’s the second tick that you want to get rid of, go to the menu button again and select privacy and lastly tap second ticks and there you go.

In case you are constantly online and would wish to hide your last seen, you will have to go to menu, and then tap privacy and finally select last seen. Additionally, if you want to share large files such as videos or images just send easily as its limit for videos is 100mb while you can also send 90 pictures at a go. If you love a status from your WhatsApp friend’s profile, it is now easy to copy it; you will just head to their profile and long press their status and choose copy.

Unlike the normal WhatsApp, you will have unlimited access to do anything with your account without the illusion or manipulation of being banned from accessing it. Its character count is high away from the normal 139; you now have 250 characters to use when uploading your status, simply update your status until 250 letters are through.

Gb WhatsApp has wonderful features that are hard to say no to, another reason to use it is it allows you to broadcast messages for up to 600 contacts which unlike the standard WhatsApp which only supports 250 contacts. Furthermore, users play a part in developing the app; they are allowed to customize their themes which they can send to the developer, this is pretty awesome.

About gbwhatsapp plus

Gb WhatsApp is one of the best chat and call application with millions of downloads around the globe, it is a MOD version where after installing you can find beautiful features that are unavailable to normal WhatsApp such as the ability to use multiple accounts, without downloading shared media, you can preview it and choose whether to download it, additionally, it has added a selfie flash and many more features. It supports Android versions that are above 4.0, and it also supports 100+ languages. The latest version comes improved, solving bugs, new features and improved options and techniques which will enhance usage.

FAQ about gbwhatsapp

Q. How is it possible to run 2 WhatsApp?

The Normal WhatsApp has a package named GBWAPlus. This package replaces that which belongs to the normal WhatsApp. GBWA Dual-WhatsApp which is the second package is installed as a separate package to that of the normal WhatsApp. The actual package (com.gbwhatsapp), is modified such that it will run both Whatsapp accounts at the same time.

Q.Where will data and media be stored?

The primary WhatsApp will store its data which includes back up, images and media internally, which will fall under the folder named WhatsApp. For the GB WhatsApp, all its data will be stored internally under GB WhatsApp folder. This is separate from the primary WhatsApp so that it can help you navigate through without confusion.

Q.Why Do I Always Get an Error (Signature Verification)?

This error shows because you haven’t uninstalled the normal WhatsApp. It is difficult to overwrite the primary WhatsApp application with this MOD app.

Q. I uninstalled the original WhatsApp as recommended But I Still Get Signature Verification error?

Some phones come with pre-installed WhatsApp, and even when you try to uninstall WhatsApp manually it will remain in the system, and the only way to use GB WhatsApp is by rooting your device.

Q. How do I Install Updates?

Unlike other applications for GB WhatsApp, you will have to download the update and flash it to the current GB WhatsApp. Its worthy to note that some updates a clean installation are recommended because the changes are enormous.


Gb WhatsApp is a cutting-edge application which is way ahead of its time. This progressive app lets you experience wonderful features which can only be used in pro version. Furthermore, this app lets you customize everything and anything that you wish to change. Additionally, you get to play a part in its further development by sending your theme to the developers. Among the great advantages, it also has some flaws one being that you can’t use it with friends who are not using it. Furthermore, the challenge of downloading its updates is not ending. In case of any need to try a new app that is away from the monotonous one, try this app, it will surely impress you. Not only does this app install on Android devices it can also be used on other platforms such as IOS devices and windows (just when bluestacks is installed).

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