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Ever wondered how to get rid of those awful ads that keep popping up while using other apps? The solution lies with several apps. One of the most impressive apps is the lucky patcher app. Understanding how to use it can help you overcome every hurdle you might be experiencing. This app has gained a cult following over several years due to its wonderful features. In actual sense, lucky patcher is way ahead of its time. Below we discuss lucky patcher and some of the questions most people have.

What is lucky Patcher App

Lucky patcher is an application that takes advantage of apps which store their data internally. One of the most outstanding features of using lucky patcher is that you have the ability to manipulate any app to your preference. For instance, you can choose to delete ads that are always available in free apps or even bypass the license verification process of any app for free. Yes, I know it seems a great app n it can’t be free but it is free for all users. The catch though is that rooting your device will be a priority if you wish to enjoy all its features.

Free game resources

Free In-App Purchases lucky patcher apk

If you are a game enthusiast you will know it is not uncommon getting stuck at certain levels. With lucky patcher you can make in-app purchases and have access to recourses such as money, live etc. this will be enough to boost you up to the next level.

Uninstall and move system apps

 uninstall system app using lucky patcher

It is no secret that uninstalling a system app is impossible unless you have a third party app. With lucky patcher, users can delete and uninstall in built apps. If some apps start misbehaving, you can freeze them. This helps solve issues where apps start misbehaving. In case you want to move an inbuilt app to your SD card you just need to download this app and select an app of your choice from its interface then tap move app.

Remove License Verification

Removes License Verification using lucky patcher app

With over 3 million apps in the Google play store, users get money through allowing ads to their apps or by requesting users who wish to access premium features to pay a small fee. Lucky patcher helps users make that giant step. As long as an app stores its data internally, lucky patcher can by-pass its restrictions and allow you to access a premium version for free.

Block Ads

ads free

When app developers develop apps, they embed ads on certain parts of the app’s interface such that when you touch it ads keep popping up. Getting rid of this ads have been quite a challenge, hence most users preferred purchasing these apps. The reason why lucky patcher is better than any similar app is that it allows you to get rid of these constant annoying ads. As usual, rooting your device will be a priority.

Changed Permissions and Activities

When downloading apps, most if not all come with their requirements which we can’t deny if we wish to use it. With lucky patcher, users are allowed to edit and manipulate apps to their preference. Yea you had me; you can edit an app’s function. Pretty cool right!

Clone Application

As mentioned, lucky patcher is like a supermarket, you get access to everything. Another interesting aspect of using this app is that you can keep your privacy intact by cloning any app of your choice. It seems complex but it is easy, you don’t need to be technologically savvy so as to clone any app.

Mod version 

As earlier mentioned lucky patcher requires users to root their devices but this doesn’t mean that un-rooted devices cannot enjoy some of the perks offered by this app. Though unrooted devices get access to lucky patcher features, they do so but with limited features. For instance, users who have rooted their devices don’t require to delete the original app when modifying licenses for other apps but un-rooted devices users need to reinstall the modded app and delete the original app

Backup Application

This feature has been the epitome of the 21st century, I wonder how terrible it was if you could delete anything and you had no way of recovering it. lucky patcher allows users to backup applications along with their data hence allowing you to retrieve them at a later date.

Share Application

If you don’t know how hard it is to share a system app, try it! With lucky patcher, users can share system apps easily so long your device is rooted.

Custom Patches

With a list of custom patches in lucky patcher, users can bypass most apps and get to access free premium features for free.

Download Lucky Patcher App

App NameLucky Patcher
App DeveloperChelpus
Supported Device2.3+
User Rating4.8 and up

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How to use lucky patcher app

The secret to getting the most out of your Android device is by understanding how to use lucky patcher. Below we will give the basic steps to help you start up close to learning how to work through this app and get the most out of it.

  • Open your favorite browser then type “download lucky patcher”.
  • Then tap on the official page of lucky patcher.
  • Once on that page locate the download link, and then tap on it.
  • Since you are not using the play store to install it, head to setting and tap on the window that indicates “install apps from untrusted sources”.
  • Since you have downloaded its app in zip format, you will need to install ES explorer.
  • Now unzip the file using ES explorer
  • Once unzipped you can now install it
  • Once installed you can open it and tap on any app that you wish to delete its ads.
  • Locate “menus of patches”. To delete Google ads click “remove dependencies” and let other settings remain as they are.
  • In case you have an un-rooted device, you will need to click “menus of patches”, then click “create modified app”. Afterward, click on “apk rebuild and lvl emulation”. Finally, let the settings remain as they are and just tap ok. Afterward, you have to reinstall the created app and delete the original app.
  • To remove license verification launch menus of patches then tap on auto mode; afterward, tap auto mode then let other settings remain as default, then in the “extreme mode” box click “remove dependencies”.
  • To remove license restrictions tap on “menus of patches” and click support. Always let all settings remain as they are, then tap apply.

System requirements for Lucky Patcher original

Lucky patcher can work with un-rooted devices but for users to enjoy all its features, they must root their devices, below are some other system requirements for it to work

  • Minimum Android OS of 2.3.3
  • 10 MB of free space

Advantages of lucky patcher apk

If bypassing an app’s restricted license doesn’t arouse you, I don’t know what will. Lucky patcher has a host of advantages which are open to users who have rooted their devices. Some of its advantages include:

  • The ability to move or delete a system app
  • Freely access a pro-version app.
  • Delete ads that keep popping up while using another app
  • Clone other apps

Disadvantages of Lucky Patcher app

One of the most common disadvantages while using lucky patcher is that you will need to root your android gadget. Some devices may experience some apps misbehaving hence causing permanent damage to these devices. Additionally, some apps can recognize when you have lucky patcher app installed and they will not install until you remove lucky patcher. When it comes to installing, users get a warning from chrome notifying you that you might be installing a malware, though this is not the case sometimes you can expose your device to viruses and malware which later compromise your device.


Question: How safe is it to use lucky patcher app

  1. There have been minimal reported cases where lucky patcher has caused damage to a device, and out of those cases, none has been clearly proved lucky patcher caused its malfunctioning.

Question: Does lucky patcher support all apps and games?

  1. For starters, Google play store has over 3 million apps. This is a large number for one app to cover, though the best way to understand whether a certain app will be manipulated by lucky patcher, always investigate whether it stores its data internally or in the cloud. Lucky patcher works well if an app stores its data internally.

Question:  can I find lucky patcher for IOS and PC

  1. Lucky patcher was initially developed for Android devices which have not changed until today. The best way to have lucky patcher performing well is by using third-party apps that are commonly referred to as Android emulators. For IOS devices the same case will apply.


Lucky patcher is a revolutionary app that allows users to edit and manipulate their devices to their preference. One such advantage is that you can delete ads that keep popping up once you touch specific areas of the screen. Additionally, you can get to access premium versions of an app for free. If it is not super cool, I don’t know what is. It is noteworthy that while using this app it is always prudent to root your device so as you can get to enjoy all of its features.

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