Shadow Fight 2 Apk Mod Free Download ( Update Version ) 2018

The shadow fight 2 apk mod is the second installment in the shadow fight franchise series. The game continues much like the previous one where the opening animated sequence introduces the story of Shadow. According to the short animation video, Shadow is a legendary warrior who travels around the nation in his quest to find a worthy opponent. On his travels, he came to The Gates Of Shadows and inadvertently opened the Gates.

The shadow fight games come still as an action game by famous Nikki. Thought the first version was launched on the 9th of October 2013 but was officially released for download on the 1st of May 2014 on IOS and Android devices. The following year, it was officially released on Windows 8 and 8.1 on the 27th of January 2015. A quick description of the game, the main character who was also the narrator revealed he was a mythical combatant and was on a quest to find an opponent. Along with the game story, he found the gates of shadows in which he opened it, and demons were released which made him a shadow.


This led to him freeing the demons that have been trapped behind the gates and being stripped of his soul. This sequence of events has left him as a shadow of himself, and heat this moment swore to avenge himself and claim back his soul by defeating the demons and closing the gates once again. The game continues on much like its previous installment, with Sensei giving basic movement and fighting instructions to Shadow. He then proceeds to test and master his fighting skills in preparation for the adventure to come.

Download Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK

Game NameShadow Fight 2
Current Version1.3.8
Requires Android3.0 and up
Game Size89 MB
Update DateJuly 2018

Picking up from the sequence of events in the previous installment, Shadow has defeated all the demons and with the help of his friend “May”, they proceed to close the Gates with the seals obtained from the defeated demons. Unfortunately, May is pulled into the world beyond the gates by Titan. This marks the beginning of the Interlude Act. Now Shadow must fight the old demons again and break the seal to reopen the Gates Of Shadows and save his friend May.

After defeating all the demons in the Interlude, Shadow proceeds to open the Gates and steps into the world of Titan. He battles many enemies and defeats them all in his bid to get to Titan. After shadow has defeated all of Titan bodyguards, Titan summons a May that’s under his mind control powers and makes her fight Shadow. Shadow defeats her and proceeds to free her mind from the grasp of Titan. He then sends her back through the Gates, to the real world. Shadow battles Titan and defeats him; causing Titan’s armor to explode and the world around them to fracture into oblivion. Shadow flees from the destruction and escapes back through the Gates.


Players normally start the game unarmed and are given instructions and tutorials on the game and subsequently as it progresses. The game has an opening narration of an illusion and the gameplay of the shadow fight 2 kicks off with two buttons which are used for combat, that is the kick and punch button. The magic and ranged weapons buttons get available eventually. The game has about 8 acts including the interlude stage with a demon chief at each stage which are to be defeated to proceed to the next act.

The game has the same simple controls that characterized the first installment. You get a button for punches, one for kicks, another for ranged weapons and one more for magic moves. The highly responsive movement buttons are still a feature too, and all these come together in a nice way that makes the games easy and fun to play for non-hardcore gamers while offering pro-gamers the sophistication of impressive combos and God-like gameplay tactics.

The game itself consists of five(5) different modes that a player can battle in; Storyline Fights where the player battles characters that are paramount to the progression of the storyline and game. Tournament mode where the player battles enemies in a sequence that has to be defeated; Survival mode is where you fight with a continuous number of enemies with only a tiny fraction of your health being restored upon defeating each consecutive enemy.

Challenge mode which is very much like the Tournament mode, but with the addition of special fighting conditions that make it very challenging and fun to play; and lastly the Duel mode where you fight an opponent every 4 hours and could be subjected to varying fighting conditions Shadow Fight 2 MOD for unlimited money and shadow fight 2 hack has been provided online for gamers the want an uninterrupted gaming experience.

The need to spend real cash to buy upgrades and equipment has been eliminated with Shadow Fight 2 Unlimited money MODs that can be downloaded HERE.

VISUALS OF Shadow Fight 2 APK

If you thought the graphics of Shadow Fight 1 were impressive, then get ready to have your socks blown off; because Shadow Fight 2 mod has even more astonishing graphics with fluid-like, futuristic setting. The art has evolved from the Old Eastern feel to a more modern post-apocalyptic style that is amazing to behold.
The game has built on its graphics models to give players even more immersive gaming experience. The fluidity of motion and clarity of game design characters is a bonus that makes this game such a huge hit worldwide.

SOUND OF Shadow Fight 2 Games

The game sounds and music are as delightful as ever. With the addition of more quality sounds that intensify the rush of the game, Shadow fight two mod has topped its previously set bar for a high standard of gaming experience. The sound effects are deep and apt while the background music is well chosen and fits the theme of the game as a whole.


With the Shadow Fight MOD version, you don’t have to worry about purchasing gold to acquire upgrade and equipment. Shadow Fight 2 MOD gives you access to unlimited money that can be used in any way you please. Shadow Fight 2 MOD download can be done online, and Shadow Fight 2 MOD apk has been made readily available to those that need it HERE.

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